Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am a writer, sometimes-poet, amateur photographer. You’ll hopefully see pieces of those on this site. I spent a decade working in social services before transition to the hallowed halls of academia. The rest of the time I am putting words on paper and hoping they make some sense.10441932_10100229579343397_1020732077844310904_n

I am a graduate of the Stonecoast MFA. If you check the roster, you wont find my name there, but I promise I graduated. I have the funny hat and everything. This is, I hope, my place to spend some time with my often-neglected interest in Creative Non Fiction and Poetry. All thoughts are my own, most images are my own.

I have been fortunate enough to twice retreat to the University of Washington’s Whiteley Center on San Juan Island, Washington. I spent a month at the National University of Galway, Ireland learning about the Irish education system in Summer 2018. Summer 2019 was spent in Rome, Italy. I hope to return to Rome in Spring of 2023


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